niedziela, 4 sierpnia 2013

6th Week Freeletics - SUMMARY

It is far too hot for me these days.
I need to find a way to deal with these temperatures, because of them it's difficult for me to achieve more and better results in FL.
During working out my throat begind to dry up, and drink more water before exercise in barely does change anything. I'm sweating more and more, what also subconsciously bothers me and consequently slows me down.
Today, I wanted to practice at home, but even at 9 PM in my room is about 26 C degrees.
I'm sure that's why there wasn't any record this week, only Max Burpee and Pull-ups went a little better.
I wonder how others deal with this fare.
I am a kind of person who prefers cooler temperatures.
Next week is the announcement of the next heat.

Data   Zestaw          Czas
30.07   Venus              18:15min
31.07   Max Burpees   300s/70
            Max Sit-ups     300s/145
01.08   Aphrodite        19:45min
03.08   Metis               5:20min
            Max Squats     300s/206
            Max Push-ups 100s/43
            Max Pull-ups   100s/26
04.08   Dione               26:35min

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